Friday, August 29, 2014

Boy Dolls: Toys of Valuable Treasures

There is still the common notion that dolls are only for little girls. Though it may be true that majority of dolls are usually played by girls, it is still an undeniable fact that even young boys can benefit immensely from playing with dolls. There are a number of companies that create boy dolls, which are guided by the fact that all children, including boys, can discover treasures about life by playing with these kinds of toys.

Developing Social Skills

By playing with boy dolls alongside playmates like female siblings and cousins, little boys will develop their social skills at an early age. This will help them interact with girls and other children and improve their communication skills. Moreover, they will also be exposed to nurturing and caring practices, which can be performed through the dolls.

Speech Development

Another advantage of allowing boys to play with dolls is speech development. Parents can use the dolls to teach their little boys how to say and pronounce the different body parts. They can also teach them about clothing through the clothes the dolls wear. This will also further develop and harness their cognitive and motor skills as they change the clothes of the dolls and even converse with them, together with their other playmates.

Dolls are indeed, one of the best toys you can give to children regardless of their gender.

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