Friday, September 12, 2014

Popular Maker of 18-Inch Boy Dolls Releases New School Buddy for Boys

The My Pal for My School toy line is part of the company’s roster of figures from two doll series. The My Pal series includes character dolls with story booklets about taking care of one another and the environment. The My Sibling series features dolls with mentally challenged siblings, which are intended to teach children the importance of community and caring for others as well as to raise awareness of mental disabilities. Loretta Boronat started her own doll business after originally focusing on doll clothes. A teacher for many years, she saw the potential of dolls as a means of promoting goodwill to children and raising consciousness about mental disability. All of the dolls for boys and girls from LorettaRose, LLC come with their very own stories that help children learn kindness and compassion for their peers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Prominent Doll Maker Releases New Line of 18-Inch Doll Clothes

My Sibling Doll creator Loretta Boronat founded LorettaRose, LLC in hopes of making clothes and accessories for dolls. However, her experience as a seamstress and her dedication to her work led to her starting her own doll business. She created characters that aim to teach children about community and goodwill, and her creations are designed to come with lessons about treating others, especially people with disabilities, in a kindly manner. Her advocacy led her to create the My Sibling doll series. Every 18-inch doll in this series deals with characters having a sibling with mental disabilities. Boronat also developed the My Pal doll which includes dolls with booklets that contain stories dealing with caring for each other and the environment.