Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Expanding toy options for American boys: Where are the boy dolls?

Some thoughts on a recent article entitled “Where Are the American Boy Dolls?” found at The New York Times.

Dolls have historically been a training toy for young girls, based on the assumption that girls grow up to be the ones who are responsible for child-care, and that they have a natural, intuitive and intrinsic interest in babies and dolls. The corollary assumption of course, resting on the binary gender system and division of gender roles, is that boys enjoy playing with trucks, construction toys and sports – related toys, and that if they show an interest in dolls, it might be cause for concern.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Autographed jersey makes the day of a young boy with autism

Devon is a 7th grader with autism. He recently had an opportunity to play the big drum with the Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline, a Seattle-based NFL drumline. Thanks to their connections with the NFL, Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks found out about Devon and decided to sign a jersey for him. This was a dream come true for Devon, who was ecstatic about the experience. He is an active youth and this video shows how much fun he is having playing the drum, and the joy he experienced when he received the jersey! Watch video here

They Should’ve Warned Me

This touching article is by Jenny Studenroth Gerson who remembers all those warnings people are quick to give out to expecting mothers. Male or female, young and old, it seems that everyone has a warning about what is to come once her baby is born. She doesn’t leave us with just the negative warnings, she writes about the good warnings people forget.

You’ll have to read the entire article to see if people forgot to warn you about the positive things about motherhood.