Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Repairing Doll Clothes 101

So you just bought a special 18 inch doll for your child. Along with customized accessories and clothes, your little one is sure to have tons of fun with his or her new pal. Hours of outdoor play, however, can take its toll on the doll’s clothes, resulting in torn seams or loose buttons. Before long, your child would come up to you, doll in hand, and request you to fix his or her buddy’s garb. Here are a few tips for repairing doll clothes you ought to remember:
Popped Seams
Taking care of doll clothes entails almost the same methods and principles as your actual clothes. Take popped seams, for instance; analyze the seam for the original holes and knot the loose threads at both ends. Sew in a thread of the same color as the original thread, with the starting and closing points a few millimeters off the edge of the open seam.
No Buttons?
The doll clothes you buy may include a full suit and tie get-up, or a buttoned dress. Regular dress-up games could eventually lead to loose or lost buttons. Considering how missing or loose buttons can make a doll look shabby, you’d want to sew these buttons back on as soon as possible. Simply grab a needle and thread, position the button on the fabric, push the threaded needle up through the fabric and through one hole in the button, and repeat the process until the button is securely in place.

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