Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grooming 18-inch Dolls

Dolls will always be part of a girl’s early years. Childhood is often the time when creativity starts to show, and your little princess will want to deck her dolls in various getups. It may even remind you of the scene in Remember the Titans when Coach Boone’s daughter responds to a quip, with “I’m not playing, I’m accessorizing.” As a parent, you can turn things into the right direction by acquiring new clothes for her dolls, but consider these points first:
Buying the right doll clothes warrants scrutiny on your daughter’s own preferences for clothes. For instance, if she has an affinity for the outdoors and sees to it to bring at least one doll with her every time she goes out, you may help her go for pants and shirts. On the other hand, dresses and feminine accessories work if your daughter enjoys girly stuff like Disney princesses and fairies.
Same Same?
Some young girls have a knack for dressing up their dolls in clothes that match their attire in creative ways. Observing your daughter and watching how she mixes and matches her own clothes will give you ideas on which doll clothes to buy. A veritable array of doll clothes that suit your child’s interests will work wonders for their sense of style. Don’t settle for just one set of clothes. Having a slew of doll’s clothes on hand will allow your daughter’s creativity to fly.

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