Tuesday, December 23, 2014

LorettaRose LLC, Toy Company to Release New My Pal For Giving Thanks Boy Dolls

LorettaRose , LLC is offering 18 inch boy dolls themed on giving thanks under its My Pal®line. The creation of such doll was inspired by the challenges that New Jersey residents went through during Hurricane Sandy. It serves to teach children to appreciate their blessings and be more grateful to people who support them in times of need. The 18 inch boy doll for giving thanks comes with straight brown hair, brown eyes, medium skin and a soft body with adjustable plastic arms, legs and heads. He is dressed in blue jeans, t-shirt, socks and red sneakers. Colors and prints may vary depending on fabric availability. The fabric is printed with the abc’s of thoughtful ways to guide children in their interaction with others. For example, A is for “Act kindly”, B is for “Be Honest”and C is for “Count your blessings”.

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