Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Playtime with 18 inch Doll: Imaginative Ideas for Girl and Boy Siblings

Have a fashion show. Acting out a fashion show isn’t just a girl-thing anymore. Some stores, like My Siblings Dolls, sell a pair of girl and boy dolls with a slew of choices for smartly designed 18 inch doll clothes and accessories. The siblings are sure to have fun changing their toys’ clothes. Go educational. While many parents will like their kids to be close in age, responsible family planning doesn’t make this possible at times. As such, one child might have started attending school already, while the other is still too young and has to stay home. This shouldn’t be an issue with siblings, and the older one can give the younger one an idea of how school is like through dolls. In cases where another child in school or at home has a learning disability, like autism, for instance, parents can buy dolls that come with a special booklet that unwittingly teaches children about compassion for their differently abled peers.

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