Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Choose Toys for Children with Autism

Deciding what toys to give children with autism may seem challenging when you perceive that these children have “special needs.” However, a wide range of toys happen to be appropriate for their condition. If you’re aware of some autism concepts, you can find suitable toys:

Be mindful of the hazards cheap toys can pose.
Children must be protected from toys that contain toxins like lead and mercury. Cheap, non-durable toys that easily break apart should not find their way into the hands of any child to begin with. If the child is rather too young, see to it that your gift contains no tiny or sharp parts.

Choose toys and games that stimulate the senses.
Autistic children favor sensory toys, especially those that stimulate their visual or tactile senses. Aside from enjoying the shapes, colors, pictures, and textures, they can also learn from these toys and improve their memory.

Select toys and games that help develop motor skills.
With toys or games that suit the level of their motor development, autistic kids can practice their physical balance and coordination. Books or kits that promote drawing and writing may also help develop their creativity.

Find something that can be both solitary and social.

Toys or play equipment should be flexible enough to be enjoyed alone or with company. Girl and boy dolls are perfect for improving the interactive communication and social skills of children with autism.

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